Thursday, 30 July 2009

Fifth day - suddenly think about somebody ")
long time din see him ler, so miss him xD
VINCENT aka brother (kl)
he really is a super-duper good guys,
everytime when back also buy somethings that i like it so much
hahaaaa (:
But a few days ago he said he want stay at there dy,
don't want back anymore,
because his gf also stay at there too !
I want see him, I want hang out with him xD

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Forth day
yesterday din go school but afternoon got go training
because my mum called me go exercise
so that can released the heat from my body
hahaaaa (:
Today, my aunt came my house
she bring me and mum go Queensbay Mall
they just buy their things, din care about me also xP

Four days din go school dy
sure have many homeworkss s !
Ohmygoodness ")

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Third day , miss my friends so much
I want go school xP
listening music, facebook, friendster, edit-ing photo

Black + White = My life (now)
Colourful + Happy = Children's life

' Mr.tree, you're mine ! '

' Leave it alone.. '

' full of memories '

' Just me, You get out please '

Captured by ME !
Nothing special, just edit for fun
Mind to give me some commentss s ? (:

Monday, 27 July 2009

Din't go school for two days
nothing can do at home
Tomorrow sure wont absent again,
because got volleyball training xP

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Volleyball - decorate notice board committee
Interact Club-
record commitee

Should I happy ? *IDK
tomorrow go for car wash project
But my dad don't know want fetch me go or not
everytime when he moody also scold me
What I still can do ? ='(


Friday, 24 July 2009

23/7/2009 ; Michelle

Happy Belated Birthday
Wish you happy and lucky forever (:

24/7/2009 ; Shu En

Happy Birthday
Wish your dream come trueee (:

Sunday, 19 July 2009

After saw Shu En's blog
Me only know tomoro is Ahsim & JingYu birthday
paiseh.. My dear friends

Happy Birthday to AhSim and Jingyu
Wish your dream come true

IMY, friendss (:

Saturday, 18 July 2009



St.John Ambulans Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang

18 Julai 2009

Padang Polo, Pulau Pinang

Today attend St.John activity from 5.30am until 12pm
hot ! hot ! hot !
Hope I wont pengsan when chairman of the St.John Ambulans given speech
After that he gave the badge and certificate to the state members
used 3 hours for given prices OMG !
me and my friends stand until legs very pain
my skin, blacker than last time :'(

-the first person pengsan
Boys' commander TS
-the second person pengsan, but still can walking xD
-the first girl of my school pengsan, St.John ambulans try to woke her up, but she no answer, maybe she get shock ?
Still got alot of people pengsan, lazy to list out xD

Luckly me still can tahan until 12pm,
even the sun is very hot, the grass like wanna burn up dy
me stand straight and din't moving, like a steam tree..
I called my friends pass the mentos for me,
because too bored dy xD
At there meet the same people against,
YuYing, Janice, Geon, Caster, Wenxin
finally YuYing remember who i am, she said i change alot.. got meh?
Before back home, our commander give us the certificate
Thanks girl, iloveit too much xD
hahaaa (:

After back home, around 2pm
me, Irene, suvan and ming siew went Queensbay Mall shopping
but when reach there ,
they said wan skating, me and Irene answer NO
Cause she don't know how to skate, scared will fall down
but finally she also go inside and skate HAHA
we together hold her hand,
after a few hours
she can skate by herself dy.. Congratz (:
Suvan said I skate too fast, don't want hold my hand
scared fall down xP
Whatever lah, my skating skills improve dy
Yeahhh ~

Saturday, 11 July 2009

I am back ..
What happen to me again ?
felt too stress ? Ya, I think so ..

I just need a hug ,
without LOVE

Monday, 6 July 2009

Today didn't go school
stay at home resting and sleeping
night still got tuition class T.T

Stop here, my face and legs very pain
wanna go rest again ='(

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Thursday, 2 July 2009

What The Hell ?!?!
Friday and Saturday is my school's concert 《升华》
me duty at backstage :)
Yeahh~I'm so excited because can meet my friends
but need early reach school for preparing somethings ,
around 6.30 a.m >.<
This friday is my class monitor LIM XIN NI's birthday too :)
Happy Birthday to Her
almost whole class' students celebrate with her today,
One people took one fruit went to school,
we wrote somethings on the fruits and gave her
She received many present until her bag can't close it HAHA
finally she felt very gamtong and cried in class ")
Butt ..
Don't know which scuks people go and report to diciplin teacher
after recess suddenly got a lot of prefect come and sport check our class
Luckly the prefect didn't saw my sticker..
But XinNi's present was taken by them and go see teacher
P/S: If let me know who is that scuks people
What I do ? think yourself ..