Friday, 27 February 2009

Im so sorry to my dear mui (lishan)
Sorry din pei u walk to mcd , cause jie really very tired ler .
paiseh xD
Hope mui dont blame jie oo :)

Today got volleyball training , damn bored at there ,
all form 5 guys din come because monday they exam ler .
Arthon , jj , ws and etc all go library do revision ,
so hardworking nia xD
Hope they can get good results in 1A exam loh .
haha :)

" Wish them good luck . GAMBATEH ! "

Sunday, 22 February 2009

21/2/09 St.John Carnival
7.30a.m until 11.30p.m
First time join st.john activity , our school member so high tat day !
Include me xD

At there , meet caster , wenxin and etc ..
make new friends there from other school !
peng hua , union , heng ee , chung hwa , chung ling =)
i love my group !
group R (Reigning star) slogan :
pepsi cola 7-up !
女人出街要 make up !
男人出街要wash up !
reigning star up up up !
A nice slogan .. i love it so much .
I be the asistent leader and the leader is from clhs ,
he was so funny when playing station games !
but i very scare him because .....

Lim Arthon , vice president of St.john .
he is jj's best friends , always help me solve problem about me and jj .
thanksssss alots !
We get our own lucky number and wait them call ,
but wait and wait , my friends all get prize ( a cute teddybear )
But why din call my number ? my number is 237 !
NVM get two small teddybear too ,
yeahhhh =D

After that got school performences ,
Our school so geng , four guys wear different colous of shirt ,
i love their dance , i wont forget it !
Giving pize time , the winner of best costum is peng hua ,
the winner of best item is Heng Ee High School ..
we all so happy and shout loudly ..
congratulation !

The only picture that i capture that day .

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Why all heng ee's teacher so s*cks wan ?
Every month also check hair .. LOL
Today let the discipline teacher cut my hair until 2cm .
super short and damnn ugly !
ihateit :(

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yeahhh ! Finally my mui create her own blog ler .
If you're free please view and link her !
Just need to click her picture to enter her blog .
Thanks alot ^^
I hearts lishan so muchh !