Thursday, 28 January 2010

Christmas Eve at Gurney n' Ghotel
Sorry late updated, here's the pictures took on that day *non-edited except words

Lene & Shueh Lynn

JuneKee & Nike

me ; myself

The Dslr's owner/Photographer

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Finally I laughed at school, played with friends (:
Everyday busy for Tuition, Homework & Co-curriculum *DAMNIT
I give up somebody but I get back somebody too, Blahhh!
You're always my mui, theonlyone


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Don't know why almost everyday I'll will suddenly cried without any reason
Especially when teacher teaching in class
Silent place for me, Fresh air for me, Friends please give back to me too :(
Try to accept the truth, wish them be nice in heaven.

Who can accompany me go to somewhere else? I just need a listeners.

Seriously, I love last year 3D class more than this year 4m3.
Emo-ing again *whatthefcuk!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Yesterday 3pm, my friends told me that Chung Ling Dragon Boat mishap.
When I heard the news, I was shocked
At that time, rescue teams were only found the teacher's dead body
But an hour later, Jason's body was found under a boat not far from the shore *fell in tears
Leo Club President of Clhs, Jason Ch'ng are always the best ♥
I sms Cheng Hao but the message didn't delivered, my mind keep asking where are you now?!
*I still want go to Monkey beach with you and friends leh, keep thinking negative things >.<
In the end you reply me prove that you're all right, Thankgod so much :)

Persist until the end !!
Four dead body was found today, Yi Zhang, Brendon, Zi Jun, Yong Xiang
Rest in Peace..

The Newest :

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I'm not going to update my blog everyday since school was reopen
Sucks things happened and i'll try to adapt it
"2010" can be said a super-duper bad year for me, although it's only the beginning
My friends was not satisfied to let me be a class monitor because they want me to concentrate on study, but it's all Peiru's fault *coolman aka prefect XD
I prefer 4s5 the noisy class better than 4m3 atleast got friends talk with me =D

Ohya, today my mum find Pn.Ooi and talk about my kes.
YOU want me change to afternoon section and quit volleyball? Totally no way!!
My mum not trying to begged her because if really change to afternoon she will let me transfer to Phor Tay. *It's good but I'll miss my friends
At last, she give me the last chance known as the only chance but my kelakuan maybe get C or D. Should i thank you so much? Wont forever =)

Trying to not thinking anymore
but still the same

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shit school, Shit teacher, Shit rules
I will try to be patient, the last two years in school
After graduate don't think i will come back visited you *all sucks teacher
Wanna see my parents ? Well, this thursday my mum coming, if can i want transfer school too.
Why every parents thought h*ng*e is a great school and try let their children study here ?
I'm so regret now, if i know earlier i better go Phor Tay to enjoy my schooling life.

P/s : Lixiang, sorry to let you scolded by teacher & parents too =(

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to all my beloved friends :)
Too many things happened on 2009, Imissit but Ihateit too !
My pmr results was so sucks, unthinkable!! No one affect me, just myself. Yesterday my mum suddenly told me if SPM get 7As or above, she will buy a DSLR for me *Its really? so happy to hear that. I promise myself, I WILL DO IT !! Wish me all the best XDD
Volleyball life, should I continue or give up ? My friends keep call me consider properly and hope I wont give up. Without volleyball, i still alive? *Ya i think so. Teammates & Coach, support u all the time. Don't forget me too, no.5 the noob setter & player =D