Monday, 29 March 2010

Whatthefcuk. Shuttup the biches
If you want then I let you do the post. Can get more higher marks. LOL
I don't care about that, because I'm tired right now!
I've lil bit timid, but don't let me tolerate and report to teacher what you did before.
Still got 8 months to stay at there. I have no idea how i can alive! ><
Friends will know who I'm talking about right? =D

I love rainy day ; I love to sit besides the window

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Early knew that I won't be chosen for U-18 MSSPP.
But i still will training harder so that won't let ahsir disappointed against.
Miss Saw Hiang aka my Modern Math teacher, is volleyball's teacher adviser *I'm so surprised on it!
She was active and crazy like hell when training, but her skill not bad too XP

Get all sucks results today. Failed three subject =(
I have tried, but not satisfied!!
They are so sweeet. Is that called t r u e l o v e ?
I jealous because I hope somebody can besides me and care me.
Unfortunately, I don't even has a chance before Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
It's for my own good. So that i can concentrate in exam ;D

Friends keep asking about my relationship status *What I should answer?!
I'm in a relationship with Juxian who study at Union High School XP
Honestly, single life still belongs to me =]

*Please don't changed decision at last minute. DAMNNN!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Kinda lazy to update my blog. Full of activities.
Looking forwards for this Saturday, IU Day at YMCA (12.30-4.30pm) ♥
Last Friday went to Queensbay photo shooting. Amanda is the photographer!
She helped us carried our bags. Pity her XD
Lishan, Sally, Gracy, Suvan & Amanda. Thanks to them for accompany me =]

P/S: *Happy Birthday to JianHong. My form 1's best friend =D

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me. I'm 16 years old now! =D
Yesterday went to Gurney with friends, night attended my aunt's housewarming party.
Thanks my dear friends for the wishes. Especially them x)
My sweet sixteen. Wish my dream come true!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Once again be a photographer on this Thursday and Saturday.
Attend my aunt's housewarming party. By the way, celebrate my birthday too ;D
Early in the morning until middle of night ==
Sleep more, Rest more so that can Eat more, Play more *winks
Stay tuned for my next update! =)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

我决定 我不再想了
一年前的我 不想改变 一年后的我 努力改变
天与地 东与西 总是隔离得太远

我不痛苦 我不难过 因为我在早已习惯
掩饰 成了我的 面具
放不下 忘不了 不是我专属的借口

她 条件比我好得很
胡思乱想 只因为我不想再继续勉强
荒唐的理由 不停漂浮
但我否认 我曾经对你说过的不是事实
离开不是解脱 对我来说 是换来泪水的笑脸

那天 拼命寻找
原来 只是我一时的冲动
在一瞬间 日记里的名字 消失了
颓废'本人 {}

Friday, 12 March 2010

Finally, the exam was over!! ;D
I can't imagine that what results I will get in 1A exam. Especially Add Math, Account & Sejarah.

First day exam first paper is Additional Math *whatthef. Keep doing the exercise until the middle of night, but I knew that my results still very bad LOL I meet 3D's friends who go to afternoon section, miss them so much. They changed alot but still very friendly i think* (:

"What qualities will you look for in your future husband or wife?" One of the title for Bi essay competition, got people wanna to wrote he want a thin thin tall tall and have many money eh wife XD. "Friends" another title for the essay too, my friends asked teacher whether can wrote chinese lyrisc inside the essay or not, teacher just smile and walk away. "朋友一生一起走 那些日子不再有..." =D

No assembly, because today is examination day XD Stayed at class studying with friends, laughed non-stop because somebody keep talking the nonsense. I can't concentrate anymore so I went to office find Ms.SawHiang chit chatting. HAHA

My friends came back to school for taking their Spm results. Congratulation to them who get good results especially Shin Yiing 10As and Gaik Theng 8As *thebelovedfriend. Many of friends became so pretty and handsome because they had dry their hair and it's longer and longer XP I will do it the same after graduate!! =)

Stomach pain and nearly fainted in office. But luckily teacher gave me medicine if not I really can't continue my studies and having the exam. I couldn't finish my account DAMN. 40 marks just fly away because i wrote the unbalance account and haven't fill it in the blank T.T Before school dismiss LFL catch me because i'm not wearing my tie and socks problem again. Well, just forgot it!

I'm getting tired and nobody else willing to wake me up =(