Saturday, 27 February 2010

We are unstoppable, We are unbeatable, We are Team P..

Once again be assistant leader, all Silas Teh's fault *Booooo. My team leader is ZiZhen from Clhs, younger than me one year but kept bully-ing me. LOL ;D
I was splashing water by amanda and other people because my group lose some of the station game. My shirts and pants all wet, but it's nice and cool HAHA. We are the first team found all the clues while treasure hunt.*Woohoo XD but we did not get any prices because final round we already loss, all team members after turn 10 laps was so faint and the ground very slippery so we walk very slow *not including me XD
Back to HQ bathed and ready for our dinner, we throw the shampoo here and there in the bathroom. At first I was not so happy because can't sit with school's friends and chit-chat, all must sit according to the group. The ZZ leader sit with their friends , all were hip-hop and break dance guys. LOL* But luckily he still knew come back awhile. HAHA
Performances time. The three guys from my school, I love their dance so much ;D but at last Clhs get the best performance because they got two items. Before back, OC given the best team and best male & female member's prizes. I felt so shock when heard my name. Wenxin, Zz and I also get the best member, HAHA.
P/s: I'm looking forward the Clhs's campfire, the dancers, the supporter ;D
Early in the morning !! @.@
Team P- Unstoppable Rocks.
Zizhen, Team leaderrr.

More photos will be upload after the "cameraman" gave me.Stay Tuned ;D

Monday, 22 February 2010

[ I'm not using the high quality of camera or Dslr, so it's abit blur ]
Played pop pop with cousins, we seem like a child. HAHA
But, IT'S FUN ")
They keep perli me too shortt, and call me eat xxx will become taller =X
Whatever lah, the most important is happyyy go luckyy.

Examination around the corner. But i haven't prepare anything yet *LOL
I can't promise because i know i can't do it.
But I will try my best and done well in the exam paper, Gooodluckk ;D

Juxian and Meixian. *Thanks for the birthdayyy present. Iloveittt
Best friends forever, BFF :)

By the way, STPM's results come out on 25th of Feb
Good Luck to my brother and his friends.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Congratulation to my friend. Missyanda ;D
Hope you'll cherish all the moment with K. Don't be so 'ginakia' dy lah xP
Anyway, wish you Happy CNY & Happy Valentine's Day

Who can give me more angpao? Lack of moneyyy. I will thank you so much ")
Drink wine to intoxicate. Booooooooo*
Nothing special for my CNY, it's too boring lah weyy =X

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to all Beloved friends ;D
" Ich mochte nur ein besserer freund als Liebhaber zu tun "
Last but not least.
Be the stranger, be the pedestrians.

Friday, 12 February 2010

No moreeeeee! xD
I don't like that kind of relationship.Damn it *never ever
when need my help only find me, who you're? the'genius' Boooo.
I ain't perfect, but I ain't a rubbish!
' Till ' is a guy from German, he joined the exchange program and came to my school.
He went to different classes to learn different subject. LOL
Till quite famous in my class *especially her = =

Ich vermisses dich, der einzige = I miss you, the only

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I'm so scary, what will going to happen on tomorrow.
but nevermind, they will besides me right ? :)
This few days I really not in the mood, something affect me ==
Crying in the middle of night, looks at the shining star.
Hugging pillow while sleeping, it's so warm *but i prefer teddybear ;D