Sunday, 30 August 2009

I LOVE volleyball, I really LOVE it.
I likes to play with them, I can't live without them

Form 5 member graduate soon,
lisheng,weisheng,jiajun,jesper,yunheng,zhijian & etc
will miss them forever,
wish them good luck always ")

Happy National Day
Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Friday, 28 August 2009

Today raining so heavy, volleyball training canceled !!
if no cancel I can't go too,
because nobody fetch me and abit lazy too XD
Me sleep until 12am and wake up dy,
because Suvan said want come my house do revision
2.3opm, she reached my house ")
We do revision ? I DON'T THINK SO !!
Me and Suvan keep captured here and there
maybe we are addicted to photography.. HAHA

Say NO to camera ! HAHA ")

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Went to Gurney for volleyball farewell
Ate steamboat at Seoul Garden with volleyball friends
talk non-sense with guys *my brain became more dirty xP

Volleyball's coach Mr. Alan OKL

Teacher advisor Mr. Aw MF

Form 5 guys

Saw many friends and teacher, especially Jason & JinJie (miss them a lots..)
Watched "UP" today, kinda funny and great because it's 3D. I love it so muchh ")

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tagged by Mayple (:

Nyatakan 5 fakta yang menarik mengenai pemberi award ini,

1. Pretty

2. Kind
3. Friendly

4. Cute

5. Niceeeee !

Setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10 fakta / hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya
2. Listening music

3. Volleyball :D

4. Outings with friendsss
Dreaming :X
Sleep ZzZ
7. Facebook-ing
8. Rubiks cubeeee ")
9. Sms sms !!!
10. Play guitar

Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan ceritakan tentang mereka,
She's funny, always make me laugh like hell :X

2. YingThong
Very zi lian XD but she's cutee & nice

3. ThienNing
Err.. she's kinda funnyyyy :P

4. Shu En
A little bit childish, but sometimes mature too..

5. Suvan
Always thinking about "xxx" only LOL

6. Juxian
My dear !! I miss her so muchh ")

7. Elyn
She's pretty and kind, I love her hair XD

8. WenXin
A friendly person, pretty too !

9. Jing Yu
A funnny girll, HAHAHA ..

10. Lixiang
Her dancing so nicee .. Iloveit ")

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Volleyball Competition

So nervous for today volleyball competition >.< 1 win 1 lose. When MST vs Besties, raining so heavier, I can't opened my eyes anymore because the rain water keep go into my eyes, I don't want be setter lah, pekcek nia ZzZ My shirt totally wet, so I rush to foyer and changed a new shirt XD but ahsir called us go to volleyball court to get back the table and cleaned the court WTH ? still raining leh. Me and my friends go there to cleaned it and took the table back LOL!! wet again.

After competition, ahsir fetch me, YingThong, ZhiYing, LiJi, ThienNing, Sally, YinJai and her sis went to Mcd. At there we seem like in a "ice room", really very very cold. We order a lot of food and chating there ")

After ate we go toilet take photo, HAHA (: we are the crazy one :X Around 2.30pm, my mum went to Mcd fetch YingThong back school and we straight away go home dy because mum said my house there wanna floating dy ZzZ

MST, the player

WH, the player

Miracle, the player

Besties, the player

All girl's team

All boy's team

Blog Owner (busy pressing phone :x)

hearts her (ThienNing)

LiJi & YinJai with me

ThienNing (the most crazy one XD)

YingThong (the most zi lian one :x)

YingThong, Sally, YinJai & me

Sally and YinJai (best friends)

smiling VS emo-ing (yingthong)

Friends forever

P/S: 俗语说:“在战场上是敌人,在战场外是朋友”, 你难道不明白这个道理吗?我叫你不要把球开过,并不代表我讨厌你,只是希望我支持的队伍胜利。
End here! Take a nap first, TIRED :x

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Today and tomoro is our school volleyball competition. Reach school around 7.30am, because want pass back somethings to St.John member. Suddenly, principle come and ask me about my school no. and class, he wrote on a paper and said I did wrong OHNO!! What's wrong? He said my mum stopped car at the wrong places.. WTH? Start moody again ZzZ

Don't know wanna do what at there, damn bored !! Today boy competition first, tomoro only girls turn. My team's name is called "MST". While watched they competition, I suddenly felt very hungry, so me and Pheiyyun went to buy Maxico buns, YUMMY !

Captured a few photos there, mind to take a look ? ")

me and MinZhe

me and LeeKhoon

ThienNing and ZhiYing

Three besties ") fake kissing :x

Tomoro I'll try my best to win the competition, Wish me good luck pleaseee ")
MST, iloveyou

Friday, 21 August 2009

You're not the only one
Don't think that you are the most important
you just a normal human being, same as everyone
nothing special at all
Please don't blame on me again, not my wrong
Your mind full of negative message
positive ? in the rubbish bins

I need a lot fresh air to breath
I need a silent places to study hard for having pmr
but i don't think you so
shut up and get out from my life please
It's too late to apologize

' sorry' this word is so difficult to said it out ?
Just yourself think so
I don't want hear any sucks reason came out from your mouth
I won't done anythings because of you anymore
Don't force me to try stay far away from you

I hate you seriously ? Maybe
I miss you badly ? Not at all

Nobody understood my meaning
Nobody understood who I means

Sometimes, I really hate myself
why I wanna be a human being on this earth
need facing a lot of silly problems
full of confusing

Wrote by meixian

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sorry for being emo again
life too sucks + stress
It's too late to apologize, ohno !! ")

Sunday, 16 August 2009

I'm backkkkkkkk !

Many homeworks haven done yet
exam coming soon >.<

Form 1, 2, 4
18/8/09 - 21/8/09

Wish my dear friends good luck in their exam
Phei Yyun,
Chai Lean, Chee Kuan, Yoon Wei, Kar Ming, Michelle, Shu En, Li Shan, Ying Thorng, Kar Seng, Ean Lee, Ming Siew, Thien Ning, Zhi Ying, Min Zhe,
Choon Yi, Hooi Kin, Hui Ven, Khuan You, Kooi Yoong, Ming Wei, Ming Fa, Pei Lynn
[ lazy list out, TOO many xD]

Form 3, 5
14/9/09 - 18/9/09

Work hard together, Cheer up guys
IMY , my friend, the only one

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nice ? Too simple ? Colourful ?
I used 6 hours to finish it,
because my seni really very poor
hahaaa (:

22nd & 23rd
volleyball competition
I love my team so much HAHA (:
Michelle, InnChing, ShieMay, KarMing, LeeKhoon, MeiXian

Nothing special for today, End here ..

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Just back from PC Fair at P.I.S.A
saw Teacher Tan Ah Ewe and some friends there
hahaaaa (:
I went there for nothing,
walk.. walk.. walk
my mum buy some empty disc to burn her movie >.<
Toshiba Notebook
& Nikon Camera
save money to buy it soon (:

Phei yyun aka Sifu aka Penguin
smile always & wish ur dream come true loh
hahaaa (:

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

一位已经死去的17岁少女刻骨铭心的爱情创作 - 最后一次

在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记

先走了 去了好远的地方
不能再陪你看日出 等不到天亮
所有回忆 抹去 却并不容易
生死由天决定 不要太伤心

在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记

在我最后一次 闭上眼睛之前
在你怀里 舍不得放弃
我使尽全力 不想闭上眼睛
不能再陪你 但不要忘记

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Henwiy aka Wei Yang aka k-bro
Wish your dream comee true oo..
lalalalala (: