Thursday, 30 April 2009

UNDER 15 ( 4.5.09 )
The LAST day of competition !

Heng Ee VS Air Itam ( no.3 & no.4 )

Heng Ee VS Hamid Khan ( no.1 & no.2 )

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

28/4 - 30/4 volleyball competition
Today got 3 match ,
we only won 2 match .. izzit good ?

The school that we won : Pcghs and Cpt
The school that we lose : Convent Green Lane

Tomorrow got 1 match ,
" Heng Ee VS Teluk Bahang "

Friendsss , wish me good luck ! GOD bless me =)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Today let Lee KS scolded again T.T
What's wrong with him ?
Everyday just know how to scold people ,
FCUK lah ..

My form teacher did not come to school for two days dy ,
Hope she recover soon ! !

Saturday, 18 April 2009

18/4/09 is a super-duper bad day .
get scolded by many many many people WTH ?!?!
especially Lee Kiam Seng and ahsir ,
me really no time to decorate the notice board ma ,
why still wan scold me this and that ?
interact club and st.john activity until 12.30pm .
after back home bath still need come for volleyball training ,
very tired u know ?

3pm my mum fetch me back school again for volleyball training ,
after that jj sms me and call me wait him at dewan kuliah ,
hot and boring there ..
he change new handphone dy , damn nicee !
he take my handphone and check this check that ,
luckly he din see my message *HaHa

We go training around 4pm ,
me already no more energy to digging at all .
Why ahsir still choose me be captain and 2nd-setter ?
Am i pro ? *i dont think so
everytime when me digging ahsir also scold me ,
too high ? too low ? too near ? too far ?
And ahsir always say me eat wrong medicine ,
because me smile everytime ,
scold by him also smile , digging like shit also smile .
me really kisiao liao .
Whatever lah , today so tired !
after finish dinner and bath , i wan be a pig again xD

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mui deleted her blog dy T.T
if let me know who is that sucks person,
Don't blame ME ! !

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Today after school me saw tiok caster (siao zha bo) in school .
she really kisiao de , always argue with me nia T.T
she perli me short ! me really so short meh ?
is tat siao zha bo too tall nia .
same as my cousin sis loh .. HAHA =P
she dunwan back home so walk here and walk there .
so funny nia her .
Now i only know siao zha bo same primary school with ck .
after send tat siao zha bo back home ,
me and lishan go training loh .
want see tat siao zha bo eh pic ? she quite pretty leh .

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

[ sukan tahunan , fun & food fair , volleyball competition]
[ geo and sej folio , NIE ]

This few weeks DAMN busy !
no time to do any revision also T.T
whatever lah ,
now the most important things is volleyball competition !
We are winner or loser ? HALF HALF*
My enermies- Sri Mutiara , Pcghs , Cgl and Cpt ..

No.5 is my lucky number ,
so i choose it as my number when volleyball competition .
I finally can meet my friends from other school dy ,
especially Chung Ling Butterworth and Pcghs ..
Berapit no.12 (under 15) ,
i love his volleyball skill..he is my idol ,

i wan improve my digging skill and win the competition ,
friendsss , wish me good luck =D