Friday, 30 April 2010

Went to Penang Shan Children Home with Interact committee, Mr. William & Mr.Teoh
Guang-Ming Ribao's reporter and photographer pay a visits too ;D
I felt very pity to those children who loss their parents since smaller *We're blessed.
The area was remote and we used around 45 minutes only reached there
Therefore, Interact Club decided to raise fund to purchase school van for them.
Date : 5th of May 2010 until 6th of July 2010
Venue : Lotus Privilege Car Wash Centre (Next to UMNO Building, Macalister Road)
Time : 9 am until 5pm
Each coupon costs RM10.00 only
*SMJK Heng Ee's interactors will be going there to wash car on 6th of July.
Support us and help those child. Kindly leave a message in chatbox if you're interested :)

Thanks Mr. Teoh told me the things. I will think consider what I should do now.
Perhaps now? I promised

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

AMANDA HEAH, this post especially just for you (:
Said goodbye to you and we will miss you always, hope someday can hang out together.
You make alot of new friends at Phor Tay, but don't forget us har! Friends Forever ;D

Four of us.
Dalat International School no.7
Old pictures! XD

America Boys Choir :)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

“弘情宏愿 华乐演奏会” 16/4/10
Duty for whole day included when they dress rehearsal (8am until 11pm)
Many schools' Orchestra Cina member was required to attend,
Such as SMK ChungLing, Pcghs, Jit Sin, ChungLing Butterworth, Union, Sacred Heart and so on.
Interact Club, KPA, KRS & YE member are available too.
Amanda felt not well and go back earlier, hope she'll get well soon (:
For more photos please kindly visits HERE!

School principle Mr.Goh and the VIPs
7 Interactors =D

The perfect ending ^____^

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kejohanan Bola Tampar MSSPP U-18
Competition held in Dalat International School. *love there so much!
Seriously,we do not done well although we still get medals.
Congratulation to our boy's team. The champion!!
Lets photo's talk *captured by InnChing, the photographer (:
Yeahh. we did it ;D
Three cha bor x)
What happen to them? *see behind xP
The gold's medal is minee!! XD
Short hair. The strict school T.T
The shoes ; The nicer
Our teacher adviser aka my math teacher =)
HengEe one point. HengEe os os os ^^

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sorry readers, I was elected as a rebello for the U-18 MSSPP.
Felt lazy to change the previous post that i wrote on 27March 2010 *sighhh
Anyway, thankyouu for given me the sweet miracle
Heng Ee's volleyball U-15 rocks ;D

Friday, 2 April 2010

夜间七时正 天空逐渐灰暗
吹起阵阵凉风 绵绵细雨迎刃而来
流泪了 是在安慰自己
流泪了 还是在嘲笑自己

我不想 却被逼着再想
那熟悉的背影 顿时变得好陌生
心不再痛 却扑通扑通地在跳
或许 那只是我正常的生理

我心中 早已抛开那些烦恼
逼自己不再直望 最终我办到了

我成功了一半 另一半仍在努力中

我愿意 你未必接受
你愿意 我未必答应

再见亦是朋友 !!
{ 寂寞' '放手 }