Thursday, 17 June 2010

Amanda bought me to her house for photo shooting at nearby jetty Pulau Jerejak somewhere else. I love the grassland but so bad have a lot of small insects. Damn!
Senny Lim, Shuen Yen, Ester Soon Ying Zhen, Chaiwei Ong, Yan Chien Chern & Arron Lim be the models of today. Well, the photographer still was the top blogger Amanda, Kwang Min Xiang, Yiphing Lim and Kenny Chun.
Sometimes the photographers became the models also. Hahaaa XD
Although i be the assistant photographer, but i still captured some nice photos too. I don't have a DSLR, so that can't upgrade soon XD
Just took a look. Without mine's. Some will upload next time :)
More photos please kindly visit &

Senny Lim, the sweet model :D

Shuen Yen, the top model and poser :D

Shuen Yen and Ester, the lovely friends :D
Arron Lim, the future dentist in Penang :D

I like their professional photographing skills. The Digital SLR too :)
One of the guy when talking on phone, he said me as 小妹妹. Height can't decide everything okayy? Well, I will forgive him soon. Lol
I hope still got chance to follow them go out, with my dear friends too. Would you? Without DSLR, we still have the nice quality camera ^^

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I love to talking nonsense nowadays. Actually what I'm still waiting for?
I accepted your gone, since one year ago.
Someone telling me that you'll wait for me the next day, if the sun rise from western
Broken dreams took everything, it just can never have tomorrow.
Close to me like my sisters or brothers *I love that feeling
Something happened on yesterday, somewhere else swelling and inflammation.
It's such a fool. I hate myself when I swear on you. Wtf

"I can't escape, my heart will break, cause I made a stupid mistake"
Gareth Gates - Anyone of us (Stupid Miastake)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Special to you, Mr Oh Seong Weng '
Miss you alots! Your lovely voice and the super-duper high trousers.
Knew that you such a nice person although you became a discipline teacher :D
*KKGuan said: Mr Peter Oh aka Mr. Potato x)

When I talking non-stop, you called my name.
When I dreaming, you called my name.
When I smiling, you called my name.
When I sleeping, you knock my desk and said DON'T SLEEP!
You are the only teacher who everytime called my name on English lesson.

Boys and girls took picture with him :)
Class AJKs :D
Me and teacher ")
Peiru,Shuying and Lixiang
Me and Peiru :D
Sueyee and Czevern
Niceee? Our work xD
Somebody draw it *i likeyy <3