Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Early in the morning, me went to Milk Temple with Suvan and her parents
After that her dad fetched us went to Queensbay shop for awhile
nothing can buy also >.<
We back home around 3pm, nothing to do
so we keep watched the 'unknown' movie *winks :X
Geography and Sejarah, my enemy
study hard at there too while watched the 'unknown' movie
6pm, mum came and fetched me back home
That's all for today (:

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Thinking of You (:
I called my friends WM draw for me. Thanks him alot

Friday, 18 September 2009

Finally change my blogskin, simple & blue
I used a lot of time to done it >.<

Afternoon my brother fetched me go Qb to help him buy ticket
" Where Got Ghost ? "
I wanna watch it but he not allow T.T
I saw XuanMing,Tsemin and her friends at cinema there
Yeahhh~ I want hang out with friends too :x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm Backkkkkkkkkk (:

Tomoro no school , Horayyy !
Friday's exam paper will be postpone to 28 of sep ( KH, BM 1, BI 1 )

I'm very disappointed about my maths results >.<
1A exam - 36 over 40
1B exam - 37 over 40
Trial exam - 25 over 40 !
What I can do now ? Shit resultss ..

Everyday just slept for 3 hours, study & study
but what results i get ? :(

Saturday, 5 September 2009

St.John farewell at school hall from 10.30am until 2.30pm

At the end of the farewell,
all form 5 students almost cried at there
I've lost a few drops of tears too XD
I miss them forever even they are graduate and leaving us after this year
especially Gaik Theng, she teach me many things before
I hope that she can get good results in SPM and happy all the time
God and me bless her too ")

Gaik Theng : You're a best team leader !! Last time when Intergroup competition we can't get any prices, I'm so sorry for it because let you disappointed XD But I'm sure you still a best leader, best commitee member. I promise you that even next year I can't be a best commitee, I'll also be a good member. I know today you cried when the end of farewell, I know you bear to us, me too! Even next time you can't recognize me anymore, Nevermind. I'll remember you forever, Miss You ")

ZiTing : Just now when I saw you helped my friend disinfection, I really admire you XD You're my idol, HAHA (: I'll do more better and better, hope that I can same like you xD

Chaik Woi : You're the first member cried when the farewell started. Don't cry anymore ar, I know you cried because of St.John and somebody. If you wanna find people chating or else, anytime can find me. We are friends ma, don't think too much, happy yar ")

Arthon : You're St.John ex-vice president, but today you seem like no any feelings =.= People cried you say them no use OMG! But i know you get many prices in St.John competition, Jiayous XD

Chee Hoe aka Cousin-bro : I never talk to you before, but I promise you next year Chinese New Year sure go grandma's house. Wait me yar, I hope that time you still remember who i am. Anyway, good luck in your spm ")

Picture abit blur, i'll try to get some clear pic from friends ! Be patient xD

Form 5 member, I miss YOU ")

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Went to grandma house today,
at there keep called my cousin sis borrow me her hp
her hp's theme so nice, all EMO !
I create a new theme too, iloveit so much ")

siao zha boh aka cousin sis XD (oldest pic)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Today when assembly principle said " 3D ar.. worse than 3M "
he deliberately said that out loud >.<

and everytime when he over our class, sure said a sentences
" kelas ini ar, tak guna lagi.. "
Whole form3 got 13 classes, we are forth class leh
If really tak guna then we won't stay at 3D lah
Whatever lah , we just need to get good results in pmr,
ed that we are useful

Me stayed back for volleyball training and called ck teach me science and account
OMG! when he teaching me account
he talk non-sence only XD don't know he said what also
just call me hafal all at home, maybe i'm too stupid !
When teach me science, I keep asking WHY WHY WHY ..
not understand sure asked why lah XD

4PM went for volleyball training, a student form2G just joined it.
me and pheiyyun responsible to teach her
we keep laugh and laugh, my head suddenly hit by a ball.. SO PAIN !!
but i quite happy and get alot of fun too XD
This was the last time that i attend volleyball training in this year
need wait until next year dy, miss it so much :x
LS today din't go school and volleyball training, sick ? DUNNO.
miss her ? Not only her, my friends too

End here
♥ I miss VOLLEYBALL so much (: