Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The End

我说过的话,从没反悔过。你不会看见我写的这一切,我相信。We still budd, Forever!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

42nd District Interact Conference

Royale Bintang Resort at Seremban. 3/12/2010 until 5/12/2010
Honestly, the section was freaking bored until we fall asleep! But at last Jessy Wong decide to play Truth or Dare. I'm the unlucky one but I enjoyed the games :) In addition to say out the truth, I also must find a male from other state to kiss his name tag without told each other this is a game. Wth! The second time, I must said "You make me so hot!" infront of MingHwang. Damn it but luckily he cooperate with me, thanks guyy :) 
It's my name tag, did you know me? HAHAHA xD
Gavin Ong and Darren Chin *Waves to Clhs' vice president & ICC's President =D
Chaiwei and Alice *as known as Alice in the Wonderland =D
(Ignore the guy xD) Jessy Wong and Sylvia *Hip-hop dancers  =D
Daryl and Junshiang *The crazy Interactors =D
 ShinYiing & Nicholas Goh aka Sonu Goh :)
Sonu Singhhhhh :) 
Rishen Kumar *the break dancer :)
I'm the representative of Heng Ee for going up the stage to take the cert :) 
Heng Ee's Interact Club <3 :)
Group photo 1 
Group photo 2 
Group photo 3 
Group photo 4 
 Group photo 5 
Group photo 6 
Joker time! >.<
Penangites went to room 1037 after Formal Night *The one who get the punishment was me.
 Tea bag, coffee, balacan, sugar, creamer & munchies in the drink, somemore add some twisties. Yuckss! We played until 3am then only go back to our room :)
The last day, all steam steam because we lack of sleep last night :P

After lunch we went back to Penang from Seremban around 2pm. During the journey i felt very tired because  yesterday i just slept for 3 hours. Seriously, I miss D.I.C alot!